Meet the Ministry Team

Jenny Pfister

Jenny Pfister

Founder • Brushstroke Ministries

Watch Jenny weekly on GEB, Sundays at 5:00 pm, and locally on Fox 10 Sundays at 8:00 am. Weekly shows are also recorded and updated to our video page.

Jenny Pfister, is a powerful communicator, Bible teacher, and speaker whom God has anointed and used to touch the lives of countless people seeking the Lord. Gifted and lead by the Holy Spirit, Jenny thrives on teaching the Word of God through weekly Bible studies and her TV series called One Brushstroke at a Time. She also leads at retreats and conferences, offers spiritual direction and counsel to many, and regularly leads worship services at her home church, Breath of God Worship Ministry in Buckhannon, West Virginia.

Jenny felt overwhelming love for Jesus at an early age, and sensed God calling her to her first teaching ministry at the age of 22. While teaching music at a private Jewish school, Jenny fell in love with the Old Testament. Layer upon layer, it exploded with life and relevance and became the canvas on which the Lord would paint a picture of unity, truth, and fulfillment of the Old and New Testaments. The Lord was gradually birthing in Jenny Brushstroke Ministries, which she would later establish.

Jenny later stepped out in faith and founded Brushstroke Ministries. Her fervent passion for the Word, along with her spiritual gifting and keen ear for the Lord’s direction, has been Jenny’s motivation for writing a series of devotional books entitled In Moments Like These. She paints a picture with her words, one brushstroke at a time, capturing the beauty of the Lord and His unfailing love for us.

Molly Campbell

Ministry Intercessor

Molly is married and homeschools her three teenagers. She uses her gifts of edification and administration to help the board make prudent decisions and to encourage the ministry to pursue Kingdom living. Molly has been an instrumental part of Brushstroke since its birth, and has worked in many capacities. She currently attends the Buckhannon Alliance Church where she leads ladies' Bible studies, hosts small group Bible study with her husband, and teaches children.

Betsy Leigh

Ministry Team

Betsy, a wife, mother, and grandmother, serves as a Mentor with West Virginia Wesleyan College's Learning Center. She continues her life-long love of singing for the Lord on the Breath of God Worship and Brushstroke Ministries' worship teams, and at The Way of Holiness Church. In addition to serving on Brushstroke's Ministry team and as its administrative assistant, Betsy functions as a member of Breath of God Worship's Ministry Team, speaking monthly at its early Sunday morning service.

Roberta Lynch

Front of House

Roberta is a wife and mother to three grown children. Her gift of hospitality, along with her sheer joy of the Lord, makes her a key part of the Brushstroke team. Roberta handles the “front of the house,” meeting, greeting, and sharing God's amazing love. She currently attends the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration.

Lee Ann Nelson

Ministry Intercessor

Lee Ann is a graduate of the Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a member of Rivers of Living Water Church where she leads the Women’s Ministry, directs the choir, teaches Children’s Church, and operates as a pastoral intercessor. She also functions as a ministry intercessor for Brushstroke as well as operates the “back of the house” for conferences and retreats.

Renee Warner

Ministry Team

Renee is married with three wonderful daughters and is a math teacher at Bridgeport High School. Along with her position as pianist for Brushstroke Ministries, she also sings on the worship team and serves in an advisory capacity on the board. Renee is also the financial advisor for Brushstroke. She currently attends Breath of God Worship Ministry in Buckhannon, WV where she sings on the worship team and teaches.

Becky Williams

Ministry Team

Becky is a wife and mother of two, and grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren. She and her husband, Dr. Larry Williams, recently retired from the Buckhannon Eye Center, their premier eye care facility. Becky is also an anointed and gifted artist. She serves as an intercessory prayer partner for the ministry. She counts it as God’s grace that she is privileged to be associated with true Christian servants who help, befriend, edify, and encourage others to be all God wants them to be. She is currently a member of the Breath of God Ministry and Worship teams.

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