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Prayer of Agreement

Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.
(Matthew 18:19)

A Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

Father, in the name of Jesus and according to your Word, I long and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, that its inhabitants may be born again. I pray that You, Lord, will be a refuge and a stronghold to the children of Israel. Have mercy upon Israel and be gracious to them, O Lord, and consider that they fight for their land to be restored. You, Lord, are their Strength and Stronghold in their day of trouble. We pray that they are righteous before You and that You will make even their enemies to be at peace with them. May they realize that their defense and shield depend on You. We thank You for Your Word, Lord, that You have a covenant with Israel and that You will take away their sin. They are Your beloved. Though they have been disobedient and rebellious toward You, Lord, we pray that now they will repent and obtain Your mercy and forgiveness through Your Son, Jesus. We praise You, Lord, for Your compassion and Your forgiveness to Your people. We praise You that they are under Your protection and divine guidance, that they are Your special possession, Your peculiar treasure, and that You will spare them; for we have read in Your Word that all Israel shall be saved. Thank You, Father, for delivering us all from every evil work and for the authority You have given us with the name of Jesus. We love You and praise You. Every day, with its new reasons, do we praise You! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they prosper that love you, “the Holy City!” Peace be within your walls and prosperity within your palaces! Amen
Question of the Week              Why did God sent an evil spirit                                    to torment Saul?                                                                                          First Samuel 16:14 says, “The Spirit of the LORD had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD tormented him." First, the evil spirit was “from” the Lord in that it was allowed by God to harass Saul. It is likely that this evil spirit was part of God’s judgment upon Saul for his disobedience (1 Sam.13:1, 15:1–35). God removed His Spirit from Saul and allowed an evil spirit to torment him. Second, the evil spirit was used to bring David into the life of Saul. This account is recorded immediately following David’s anointing as the future king of Israel. When the king’s servants saw the torment Saul was enduring, they suggested, “for someone who can play the lyre.” (1 Sam.16:15–16). One of the king’s servants referred David to the king, describing the youth as a great harp player, among other things (v.18). Saul called David to come and found him to be a great comfort. It is important to note that this evil spirit that troubled Saul was only temporary. A related question is, does God send evil spirits to torment people today? There are examples of individuals in the New Testament being turned over to Satan or demons for punishment (Acts 5:1–11). If God does allow evil spirits to torment people today, He does so with the goal of our good and His glory (Rom.8:28). They never act independently of God’s sovereign and perfect will and purpose. If believers suspect they are being tormented by demonic forces, the first response is to repent of any known sin. Then we should ask for wisdom to understand what we are to learn from the situation. Then we are to submit to whatever God has allowed in our lives, trusting that it will result in the building up of our faith and the glory of God.